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Roofing in Ann Arbor:
Residential and Commercial Roofing in Ann Arbor: Asphalt Shingles, Metal, Sheet Metal & Copper, Synthetic Slate, TruSlate,® TPO, or Peel & Stick™

We work on any slope with many types of Roofing systems. Ask about our Economy roof – lifetime warranty • We use many popular shingles brands: Timberline HD® , Timberline HD Ultra® extra-thick and good for 150mph wind protection • Designer shingles: Slateline® • American Harvest® • Country Mansion® • Grand Sequoia® • Grand Slate™ • Grand Canyon™

Woodland® • Monaco® • Sienna™ • and GAF TruSlate®
Stone-Coated Metal Roofing SystemsStanding Seam metal Roofing • Snow Guards for metal roofs

Copper Valleys and Flashings • Red Cedar Shingles and traditional Cedar Shake • Tapered Flat roof System • Polyiso Insulation • TPO Membrane (No flames, No fumes, mechanically attached with heat welded seams) • •Skylight replacement • Dormers • Leak repair

House Framing in Ann Arbor:
Tired of that flat roof on your home? Looking for a pitched roof and need professional house framers in Ann Arbor? We can help. With the state of the art designs and trusses/rafters systems we can easily convert/transform your flat roof to nice beautiful hips style or gable style roof. (With approval from your building department). Converting your flat roof to pitch roof not only eliminates potential leaks but also gives your home a complete makeover. Please ask for details and how we can help to beautify your home.

Siding in Ann Arbor:
Skylights, New Construction, Additions, Framing, Soffits, siding in Ann Arbor

Repairs on trusses & rafters • Installing New trusses & Rafters • Custom framing • Converting flat roofs to pitched roofs • Framing work • Overhangs • low maintenance Fiber Cement Siding • No Maintenance Wood grain vinyl siding • Half log vinyl siding

Additions • Alterations • Renovations • Custom finished basements • Custom Decks • Custom homes • Aluminum soffits • Vinyl soffits • Trim work • Skylight replacement or new installation

Insulation & Ventilation in Ann Arbor:
Install blown-in Fiberglass insulation in Ann Arbor • Fiberglass Blanket Insulation • Keep your utility bills lower not only in the winter, but also in the summer. Avoid the air infiltration and condensation on your rafters/trusses or roofing boards • We recommend Fiberglass loose blown-in insulation. It's light-weight, settles only 2% overtime unlike Cellulose, which settles about 20% overtime, and can only have up to R-38 value due to its weight. With Fiberglass loose insulation the thermal value can be up to R-60, and you may also save about $500 in Tax Credit • We also offer closed or open cell spray foam insulation, self-sealed air gaps, maximum protection from air infiltration

Proper balanced attic venting is one of the most important components of your home. Balanced Intake and Exhaust ventilation in your attic will help keep your home cooler and avoid ice dam build-up.

When you see gutters clogging with ice, and icicles hanging off the eaves of your house, it's a good indicator that your roof is getting over-heated in certain areas, and causes the snow to melt, drip down and re-freeze on the eaves • The snow melt can seep down into the insulation, creating a perfect environment for mold-growth • Wet insulation loses its insulating R value• Don't wait until leaks and damage occur inside your home • Proper ventilation and insulation will help your roof maintain a uniform temperature and keep your attic cooler.

Eco-Friendly: Slate, TruSlate,® Synthetic Slate, Synthetic Shake, EuroShiled®

Do you prefer the old fashioned look of Slate? Consider Synthetic Slate. Synthetic Slate is an Eco-Friendly, long-lasting material • Do you prefer Genuine Slate? Slate by Evergreen and TruSlate® by GAF is great for New Construction,- that way your trusses are ready for heavier weight-loads • Synthetic Slate is a great option for existing structure, as well as new construction. • Our Synthetic Slate and Shake are robust, Fire-resistant and enduring. It is class "A" and class "C" fire-rated and Class "4" hail-rated • You can even save on your homeowner’s insurance premium. • Plus it will give you that slate-look at a reasonable price • Do you currently have a natural Cedar Shake roof, but don't like the maintenance of it? Synthetic Shake is the answer! Same look, better Warranty, and maintenance-free • EuroShield® is a synthetic eco-friendly roofing product made from 95% recycled materials. It offers you style and protection against all kinds of weather.

Innovative synthetic shingle materials provide long-lasting, low maintenance protection and durability. • Slate, TruSlate,® Synthetic Slate or Synthetic Shake comes in different sizes and colors • Synthetic Slate has many colors to choose from.• You can even make your own color combinations • Slate can last up to 100 years! Gutters, Masonry work, Bay windows, Tuck pointing

Residential and Commercial grade Seamless Aluminum 5" and 6" K Style gutters • 5" and 6" Seamless Copper gutters • Our premium full nose forward design gutter cover comes in 9 different colors.

•We use nail spikes or hidden hangers, not nails, which will rust over time • Regular or over-sized Downspouts • •Aluminum gutters in Ann Arbor and gutter covers come in a variety of colors and styles.
We are working all year-round, 52 weeks a year.

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